It is a week since we held the OPSA National Administrative Excellence Award – online!  I am still reeling from
What is your full name? Carol-Ann Theresa Martins What is your professional job title? Executive Personal Assistant & Office Manager
Cognitive flexibility means ensuring your thoughts and responses are as malleable as play dough. This involves switching your thinking, in
We’re entrenched in the 4th Industrial Revolution and technological advances are mind-blowing. Our desire for constant connectivity and instant gratification
The Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, involves the adoption of cyber-physical systems like the Internet of Things
Working for multiple executives requires taking the time to get to know them individually. Understanding how they work means you
We live in an era where most people Google each other – so before you even meet someone they’ve probably
Managing conflict in the office can sometimes be tricky. As an assistant and office professional you need to hone in
As humans it is often in our nature to stick to what we know, whether it’s food, jobs, relationships or
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