Wrapping up a year-end like a beautiful gift

Working for multiple executives requires taking the time to get to know them individually. Understanding how they work means you learn to manage their expectations, respect their boundaries and ensure their lives run smoothly. You need to be proactive at keeping an eye on their diaries to ensure their meetings not only run smoothly but are kept in one geographical area so that they do not bounce all around the city.

You need to be considerate of allowing enough travel time in between meetings so that they don’t run into a meeting or a boardroom harassed, late or sweaty. Google has simplified our lives and we should therefore diarise adequate travel time in their diaries between their meetings.

Being a great assistant means managing expectations all the time, all day long, every day. You need to have a firm grasp on which executives are involved in which initiatives and ensure that all the gears in the business are constantly rotating. Assisting several executives places you in a fortuitous position to be knowledgeable of various aspects within the business. Your involvement will ensure business continuity, that meetings are held and therefore that expectations and deadlines are met.

When it comes to wrapping up a year you need to remain cognizant that your executives will probably be taking some well-deserved annual leave and you’ll need to know who is standing in for them and if they will require anything of you. I like to find out from each of them what their plans are before I make my own plans – that way I know the expectations and I know where they are in case of emergencies.

In January you hit the ground running and you need to therefore also know which executives are required for which kick-off events for the new year – so my best advice is plan, plan, plan!

It’s the end of October and before we blink December will roll around, now is the time to remain strong!

Make the rest of the year the best of the year.

You’ve got this.



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