OPSA is a SAQA recognised professional body for all administrative professionals in South Africa


If you have experienced the exceptional work and invaluable contributions of an administrative professional, you can show your appreciation and acknowledge the outstanding performance by nominating them for an OPSA Administrative Excellence Award.

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Admin Excellence Awards

OPSA awards reward and recognise outstanding service delivery by individuals who perform admin duties or provide admin support to an individual or team in an organisation or department.

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SAQA Designations

Earned by meeting certain requirements and completing an assessment, a Professional Designation is an official Endorsement from a professional body of your skills and experience

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OPSA Membership

Get ready to learn, grow and network with like-minded Office Professionals!  Online Courses, Forum, Tips and Tricks, mentoring and support are just some of the services we offer our members.

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OPSA Public Conferences

The easiest way to stay up to date! The OPSA Annual Conference is where Administrative Professionals want to be if they want to rekindle the passion for their career, refresh and learn new skills.

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