OPSA Professional Designation Masterclass

Consolidate your learning and experience on one certificate and prove your worth to yourself (most importantly) and your employer.

The professional designation masterclass is for the administrative professional to upskill and/or refresh their knowledge.  During the Masterclass, assignments are completed which go towards building the Portfolio of Evidence for assessment.  On being found competent, delegates receive an OPSA professional designation and membership for 2 years.

Duration:  5 days (at a venue determined by OPSA)

Investment:  R9500.00 (includes VAT, registration and 2-year membership fee)

What do you get with the online programme?

  • Facilitator led modules – there are 8 modules to complete.
  • Printed workbook - for reference
  • Assignments - assignments are completed during the class to build a Portfolio of Evidence
  • Certification: Once the Portfolio of Evidence has been assessed and you are found competent you will receive a certificate of competence and start your 2-year professional membership.

Duration:  3 months (can be done in the place, time and pace of the administrative professional - no need for time out the office!)

Investment:  R4800.00 (includes VAT, registration and 2-years professional membership fee)

What do you get with the online programme?

  • Modules – there are 8 modules to complete. Each module should take approximately 6 – 8 hours a week
  • Facilitator led videos and presentations – additional teaching to the reading notes for each module
  • Reading notes - each module has a set of reading notes that can be downloaded to complete a manual
  • Tests - each module has a test of 30 questions to check understanding of the topic/s
  • Assignments - at the end of each module are assignments to complete towards the Portfolio of Evidence. By module 8, the Portfolio of Evidence will be completed and can be sent for assessment
  • Facilitator on call - delegates can book online sessions with the facilitator for individual teaching / clarification
  • Certification: Each module will give its own certificate after passing the test and once the Portfolio of Evidence has been assessed, they will receive the professional membership status and certificate

The 5-day Masterclass can be facilitated in-house  for 10+ delegates. Great for team building and professionalising the administration body in your organisation.

Costs are dependent on the number of delegates attending - email dawn@opsa.org.za to request a quote.


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