Critical Skills Letter

OPSA will provide a Critical Skills Letter to applicants who meet the requirements for OPSA Professional Membership and who are working in Business Administration.

How do I apply?

Send the following supporting documentation to

  • Certified Copy of Passport dated not older than 3 months
  • Proof of Employment - a signed letter from your employer stating your position, date employment commenced and dated not older than 02 months from the date of issue
  • Certified copy of your qualifications
  • Foreign qualifications: Certified SAQA certificate confirming your Highest Qualification/s, dated not older than 3 months (if applicable)
  • Detailed and up to date CV. The CV should include:
    • All previous positions held, with the start and finish dates for these positions
    • Start date of current position
    • Full detailed list of duties and responsibilities under each of the previous positions and your current position
    • Include telephone and emails for your references within your CV.

Note: Further supporting information/documentation may be requested if required.

How long does it take?

  • If the applicant meets all the requirements:  approximately 14 working days from the date that all supporting documentation is received. 
  • If the applicant needs to complete a Portfolio of Evidence:  approximately 30 working date from date supporting documentation is received.  (This is dependent on how long the applicant takes to complete the Portfolio of Evidence.)

If the applicant is successful, an invoice will be issued, and on proof of payment, the membership certificate and letter will only be forwarded to the applicant.

Cost of Critical Skills Letter

  • OPSA Professional Member = R1500.00
  • Non- members must apply for and meet the requirements for Professional Membership.  Costs incurred would be for registration, annual membership fee and Critical Skills Letter = R2250.00.
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