Building Careers  |  Attaining Excellence

Strengthen the links to building a successful career

Professional Development

Professional Designations give you credibility in your industry and a sense of security and belonging in your career

Continuous Learning

Members have access to the OPSA Online Learning Portal  with content and learning that is essential for administrative professionals and will keep you up to date

Personal Development

Become a member of a community that wants to help you grow personally and professionally through continuous learning


Show that you are serious about your professional development.. Prove that your career is more than just a “job” and that you have long term goals

Taking charge

Professional Associations give their members the power to make a real change in their line of work.


Interact with like-minded administrative professionals and build relationships that can help you in your career

P.S.:  A newsletter subscriber is not a member.  We simply keep you up to date with what is happening in the industry.

OPSA is the place for administrative professionals to grow professionally and personally

Email: | Telephone: 064 518 7993 (call or WhatsApp)

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