How to remain relevant in the 4th Industrial Revolution

We’re entrenched in the 4th Industrial Revolution and technological advances are mind-blowing. Our desire for constant connectivity and instant gratification have resulted in everyone being connected and contactable most of the time…. Sometimes to our own detriment with regards to work/life balance, but that’s a topic for another day.

Regardless of your age most people have a smart phone and then there are other items like smart tv’s, smart watches, tablets, baby monitors, CCTV cameras etc – which means that the Internet of Things (IoT) has enveloped our lives. Technological advances mean that we can add a link to a meeting to get delegates dialed in form all over the world, at the simple click of a button.

Office professionals are therefore included in this revolution and it’s becoming more imperative than ever to ensure that we move in unified momentum with technological advances to embrace the amazing technological tools we have at our disposal. In line with this is taking on the responsibility of upskilling ourselves in order to remain knowledgeable and relevant. A great way to think of this revolution is to understand what technology can do for you, instead of being afraid of it – or that it may replace you.

Other than class-based training and distance learning there is also online training means that you can now constantly upskill yourself in your own free time. LinkedIn learning and Udemy are some of the many online learning portals you can consider for learning and upskilling. If you cannot afford to go on courses you can spend your spare time reading blogs and forums relevant to your industry to keep your knowledge base current. You can make use of apps to simplify your life by simplifying the way you do things.

An example of this is the “Time Machine” app I use on my smartphone. I’ve added 3 locations worldwide and you simply drag the button on top to my local time in order to see what time it would be in the other 3 locations – time zones simplified equals meetings simplified!

It’s up to you to ensure you keep yourself knowledgeable and relevant.

You can do this!



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  1. Levias Shimbani - March 10, 2020

    Thank you. What a nice read.

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