Quieting quarrels

Managing conflict in the office can sometimes be tricky.

As an assistant and office professional you need to hone in on your diplomatic, fair nature and remain as neutral as your car at a traffic light. You cannot allow yourself to be sucked in to drama, by remaining professional you ensure that you don’t get dragged into the he-said-she-said saga.

Everybody in an office environment will never get on with everybody and this is when you get the opportunity to demonstrate professionalism. Another thing to remember is that a gripe is often not personal, but due to expectation issues. Expectations & assumptions are often the reasons for people feeling disgruntled. Sometimes all you need to do is suggest the parties have an informal meeting over a cup of coffee to discuss their expectations and requirements.

You don’t need to get on with someone or agree with their point of view, but you need to be respectful and use your active listening skills. Sometimes colleagues vent and you need to respect that they are doing just that – letting off some steam. By remaining neutral and not getting yourself entrenched in disputes & drama you will be teaching them you will not take sides or be a part of the situation. By conducting yourself appropriately you will hopefully influence others to act accordingly.

It is imperative that colleagues in a working environment all remember that everyone is there to get a job done and to ensure that business objectives are reached.

For further advice I recommend reading this article in Executive Secretary Magazine, by Sue France http://executivesecretary.com/be-in-control-never-let-conflict-manage-you/

The heading really grabbed me as it is so relevant

Never let conflict manage you!

Wishing you an easy-breezy day.

Stay strong!



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