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We live in an era where most people Google each other – so before you even meet someone they’ve probably checked your online persona. A good idea is to also frequently Google yourself and check out what your online presence is looking like.

Personal Branding is therefore becoming an integral part of our lives. We need to ensure that what we portray online is a close representation of who we are. You are doing yourself a disservice if you do not brand yourself correctly. If you’re an Office Professional it is a good idea to also ensure your personal branding is professional and up to date.

Everything within the realm of your personal branding needs to be an accurate and relevant portrayal of your strengths, achievements, aspirations and goals. Like an update of where you are, what you are busy with and where you hope to be.

Personal branding is something that also needs updating on a regular basis, in order to avoid becoming stagnant – whether in your skillset or mindset. Research and read what others in your industry are up to and try gain some insight with regards to how to perform personal branding. Besides doing this from a personal branding perspective you should push yourself to constantly grow and learn new skills along the way. Remain true to yourself and authentic in this process. It is always a good idea to invest some time in yourself 😊

An important thing to remember with your personal branding is “What is your X Factor?” – we all bring something unique and special to this world, make sure you become known for yours!

Make this the month that you update your personal branding. There’s no time like the present to know your value and ensure that others know it too! Then remember to update regularly.

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