Being Brave

As humans it is often in our nature to stick to what we know, whether it’s food, jobs, relationships or homes. Being creatures of habit means that we like predictability, even when that very same predictability is sometimes uninspiring or brain-numbing. Change scares us and the instability of the unknown can sometimes rock us to our core. The challenge is to face our fears and show it our inner Tiger!

Being an administrative office professional means that we often get opportunities to be brave. We constantly have to wangle miracles and ensure that business requirements run smoothly. By being the glue that holds the pieces together we learn how to deal with colleagues at all levels in the organization, which often involves managing upwards in dealing with management & executives. It can be very intimidating having to nag an executive to meet a deadline.

Sometimes you catch something that may have fallen through the cracks and you need to be brave in bringing it to management’s attention. You will question yourself a gazillion times, to ensure your query is credible but you need to be brave and push on… as that’s what your management needs from you – to have their backs!

In line with being brave is not becoming stagnant in your comfort zone. Even though your worth is proven silently by the smooth sailing in stormy waters you must not be complacent. Be in control of the rudder on the boat of your destiny!

Upskilling yourself is a surefire way of ensuring that you do not live in your comfort zone, whilst ensuring that you remain relevant in your career. When it comes to training resources free online training is easily accessible. With Google at our fingertips we are blessed with a tool that will constantly assist with knowledge – read, read, read, whether it’s news, books, blog forums, social media, you must ensure you remain relevant & up-to-date. Do not leave your personal growth up to anybody else, claim responsibility and grow constantly.

This is your life and you need to make it your best life. You can do it!

Be brave, be relevant & be awesome.

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