How to conduct your own skills audit

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been discussing how to draw up a Personal Development Plan that works for you.  From why you need a plan, how you can discover who you are and what you want, how to complete a PEST Analysis and looking at defining your career objectives.   This week we will be looking into how you can conduct a Skills Audit.

When you conduct a skills audit you will be able to assess the skills and strengths you currently possess against the skills and strengths you need.

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skills audit

Start by taking a critical look at your current situation and determine where there are gaps between what you need to know (or be able to do), and what you currently know (or able to do). Set specific development goals to address these shortfalls and put yourself on course to achieve your goals – and therefore your long-term objective.

Your personal development plan includes a skills audit section to assess the skills and strengths you currently possess against the skills and strengths you need.

Here is how to complete your skills audit:

Look at your major career goals and note down on a separate sheet of paper the skills, qualifications and experience you will need to achieve each.  Put yourself in the mind of the people who control access to achievement of each of the goals and think about what they will be looking for in a good candidate.

TIP:  Remember to include important career skills such as team management, leadership, and communication skills that are directly related to your company or profession.

If you could ask these people what they want directly, make sure you do.  Alternatively, research the skills needed to achieve the goal.  As an example, if the goal is to get a particular job, look at what people ask for in the job descriptions or advertisements.  Talk to your HR Department or check out online job sites.  If the goal is to get a particular qualification, research the best courses, and understand what skills or qualifications you will need to access those courses.

Go back to your SWOT and PEST Analyses and review the weaknesses and threats you identified.  Do any of these point to skills you need to develop if you are to pursue your career goals successfully?  If so, add these to the list.  From these lists of skills, identify the 10 most important skills.  Write these down in the two columns of the Skills Audit section of the personal development plan.

Rate your current ability in each of the areas you have listed.  Use the following scale:

  1. I have accomplished this skill/I demonstrate high levels of competence.
  2. I have this skill/competency, but some improvements could be made.
  3. I need to improve this skill/competency
  4. I need to put in considerable work to develop this skill/competency.
  5. I need to acquire this skill/develop this competency

Analyse the skills audit section and identify gaps between the skills you have and the skills you need.  For each skill or competency, rate your ability now.  Revisit these skill rankings every 6 months (make a diary entry to do this).  This will help you maintain focus and stay on target.

That brings us to the end of our Personal Development Theme – Next week we will be taking on a new theme to help you become the best in the office, make sure you are signed up and your membership details are up-to-date

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