Understanding Anger, Stress and Time Management

After speaking with a few of our OPSA members, I noticed that there are a few common themes that comes to challenges in the office.  A lot of administrative professionals today have a problem when the have to manage and deal with their Anger, Stress and Time in the office.  Because of this we at OPSA have decided to dedicate June to addressing these issues to help you manage them a bit better and to find a way to be happy and productive in the office.

Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Exhaustion and Stress are all horrible linked feelings that we experience in due to the pressure we experience in today’s face-paced world.  What some don’t realise is these feelings could be the start of some serious health problems which include: Headaches, Backaches, Muscular Problems, Sleeping problems and even heartburn.

time management

Jobs are already stressful as it is, adding these factors to it causes negative stress (believe it or not, there is positive stress – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves) in our personal and professional life. As an administrative professional, you are expected to accomplish an unusual number of tasks while quickly and accurately dealing with other issues that surprise them during the day.  This is no easy task, and this can all lead to the negative kind of stress.  You can be the top of the top, but everyone encounters days when nothing seems to go right.

Although we have touched on Time Management and Stress Management earlier this year, over the next four weeks, we will be discussing how to manage anger, stress and time in more detail, including;

  • Stress and Its Effects in The Workplace
  • Factors Contributing to Stress in The Workplace
  • Time Wasters
  • Stress, Anger and Time – The Relationship

If you want to keep up to date with this serious, you can sign up for OPSA membership and get the Terrific Tuesday with all the info you need and more!

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