OPSA Conference 2023 - Speakers

Suezette is a multi passionate entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, influencer and a global leadership coach, who certainly does not fit into the 'conventional' box.  Her exuberant personality, life experiences, creativity and innovative approaches has allowed her to build a sound reputation on both national and international platforms over the past 21 years of being in the speaking and business industry.  Suezette is the author of "Be the Exception" published in 2017 and her new book "Scale your Mountain" will be published early 2023, was a finalist in the South African Business Women of the Year and was nominated Top 100 Difference Maker in South Africa.

Craig is an Executive Assistant with a reputation of being service oriented and focused on handling every aspect of his role with professionalism and excellence.  Craig works as a strategic partner to the Executive and provides support that enables the Executive to focus on their core responsibilities, achieve their goals and add value to the organisation.  Craig likes to make a positive impact on the lives of the people he interacts with at all levels.

Craig achieved the OPSA professional designation of Certified Office Manager (COM) as well as being the Winner of the OPSA National Administrative Excellence Awards in 2022.

Tholo is a Conversation Strategist and has established himself as a skilled facilitator, assessor and moderator.  He is a high-performance enthusiast dedicated to facilitating conversations, human capital and organisational development through learning and development initiatives.  Tholo researches and speaks on topics that empower people,  teams and organisations to become high performers.  His passion and focus is on assisting individuals and organisations to be exceptional through creating, achieving and maintaining a high performance culture.

Louisa is an Executive Assistant at the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) and has won numerous awards for her passion and dedication to her profession. Louisa was recently the runner-up for the for the Petunia Radebe Admin Excellence Award 2023 hosted by the Platinum Assistant Network of South Africa.

Louisa has a passion for empowering administrative professions and was instrumental in formulating the Council for Medical Schemes Business Support Forum that brings together Admin Professionals to share their best practices, experiences, skills, frustration and how to improve.


Sharonette is the Head of Office at the Department of Infrastructure in the Western Cape Government.  Sharonette has successfully formed and maintained an Admin Forum to empower and professionalise the administration body at the Department and encourages her colleagues to commit to continuous learning.  Sharonette sets the tone for the workplace culture, promoting collaboration, accountability, and innovation among the team.  Her capacity to balance the interests of both the department and the administrative professionals, ensures a happy and productive work environment,  contributing to the overall success of the department. Sharonette is the foundation of organizational excellence, driving growth and positive outcomes.



Dawn facilitates workshops for office professionals both nationally and internationally and applies the principles and techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in her soft skills training to enable and encourage office professionals to achieve both personally and professionally.  Dawn is the CEO of OPSA, a SAQA registered professional body and is a supporter of continuous learning and administrative excellence in the workplace.

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