OPSA is a SAQA recognised professional body for all administrative professionals in South Africa

OPSA’s mission is to promote and develop performance standards for administrative professionals and is committed to:

  • Providing guidance and advice for continued personal and professional growth
  • Recognising members’ achievements through the OPSA Awards and other ad-hoc competitions.
  • Providing members with opportunities for mentoring and networking
  • Enhancing administrative professions by attracting the best talent to office occupations
  • Helping employers understand the true value administrative staff bring to their organisation

What is CPD?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development.  It is a commitment to lifelong learning and keeping up to date with skills and knowledge required in the industry.   It is documenting and keeping a record of all the learning that you have gained through attending traditional learning (classes), online learning and work experience.

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How will CPD help me?

By committing to and keeping track of your CPD, you will be able to see what learning you have done and what areas you need to concentrate on.  It will help you to develop both personally and professionally.  It will give your employer the assurance that you have the skills required for the job as well as show your commitment to lifelong learning and professional development.

A professional designation is earned by a person in a particular field by meeting certain requirements, and successfully completing a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) to show competence in performing a certain job or task.  It is an official endorsement from a professional body of your skills and experience.

An OPSA professional designation is valid for 2 years.  In order to keep the designation valid, a total of 20 CPD points (see below) must to be earned in the 2-year period to show your commitment to ongoing learning and to ensure that you have kept yourself up to date with current skills and knowledge required in the workplace.

OPSA Professional Designations

In line with global practice, OPSA has introduced three Professional Designations for our members:

  1. Certified Office Professional (COP)
  2. Certified Managerial Office Professional (CMOP)
  3. Certified Office Manager (COM)

These professional designations give employers an indication of the levels of competence of the members who qualify for them.  Designations are awarded based on an assessment against a set of outcomes. OPSA Professional Designations are nationally and internationally benchmarked.

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