Professional designations in South Africa are awarded by SAQA recognised and registered professional bodies. OPSA as a SAQA registered professional body awards three designations to office professionals and administrators from all sectors, both private and public.

A professional designation is earned by a person in a particular field by meeting certain requirements and completing an assessment to show competence in performing a certain job or task. It is an official endorsement from a professional body of your skills and experience.

Achieving a professional designation will:

  • Give you a sense of pride in your performance
  • Build confidence in handling challenging situations
  • Show a commitment to your role and your organisation = greater work performance
  • Distinguish you from other staff members and show dedication to your job and your plans to continue developing and growing as a professional
  • Ensure your knowledge and skills are current and valid in a constant changing workplace (a designation is maintained through ongoing professional development)
  • Recognise your accumulated training and experience and support the range of industry skills and knowledge you have acquired through a combination of education and experience
Find out more:
Professional Designation Enquiries

Get the industry’s stamp of approval – OPSA and OPSA designations are registered with SAQA who recognise your expertise, knowledge, and professional status (professional members are registered on the National Register Learner Database (NRLD)

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