Strategic Planning – Mission and Values


Planning is the most important and basic management function. Planning involves setting ob­jectives and then establishing the policies, procedures, and action plans necessary to achieve them at all levels of an organization. Strategic planning establishes the direction the organi­zation will take over a long term. Strategic planning involves developing goals for the future that reflect current threats and opportunities and match the strengths and weakness of the or­ganization to these challenges. Planning results in clearly stated goals, from which objectives are created to guide steps and actions that will be taken during the short term. Quality plan­ning also identifies the needed resources, both current and future, including space, materials, equipment, and human. Effective strategic planning leads to a comprehensive planning and implementation process.

Plans must be conveyed to the workforce and accepted by the entire organization, from the top level of management to the entry-level employee. Success comes when the entire or­ganization accepts and endorses the mission and values that guided the formation of the plan and will guide its implementation. An important aspect of corporate values is the ethical stan­dards that govern both individual corporate leaders and the company itself.