Introduction to the world of the Administrative assistant

The phrase, administrative professional, can be an official title or a general title associated with administrative support staff. These are the individuals who are the administrative support of one person and/or many others within an organisation. Alternative titles used in the workplace can vary. For example, personal assistant, executive assistant, secretary, executive secretary, administrative assistant, administrative secretary, executive administrative assistant, senior administrative assistant and even office manager. These are some of the common titles of administrative professionals. However, admin titles are specific to individual companies.


During this course, we will be going through:

  1. What Is An Administrative Professional?
  2. The World Of Office Administration
  3. Virtual Administrative Assistants
  4. Education And Training
  5. Employer Expectations
  6. Employer/Employee Responsibilities
  7. The Working World Of The Administrative Professional
  8. Office Culture And Language
  9. Types Of Organisations
  10. Formal Organisational Structures
  11. Management Responsibilities
  12. Management Challenges
  13. Understanding Your Organisation