"As admin professionals we should have the courage/be brave to be seen and heard; we need to use our voice to convey out ideas confidently and in a positive manner to our managers and/or fellow colleagues not just during meetings, but in discussions; to achieve a positive result for a better way of doing things or making it an awesome working environment for everyone."

Izelle Swanepoel, Western Cape Department

Join us for our Personal Empowerment Programme this Women's month!

Week 1: Self awareness and developing your moral compass (9 August 2020)
Week 2: The importance of mindset (16 August 2020)
Week 3: Building confidence and self esteem (23 August 2020)
Week 4: Take charge of your life by setting goals (30 August 2020)

If you would like to take part in the programme - send an email to dawn@opsa.org.za or fill in the simple form below:

Personal Empowerment Programme
OPSA Member


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