Own your awesomeness!

Being an executive assistant means being the glue that holds all the pieces together.

Perceptions are that we often have free time on our hands, but we know better. Whether a part of an executive team, an admin team or on our lonesome, we are capable to assess what’s required of us and make it happen!

Our days are filled making executives lives run seamlessly – which in itself is often a miracle. We need to remain relevant and knowledgeable, in order to drive efficiencies. We spend so much time at work and it’s therefore crucial to feel challenged and satisfied. Multi-tasking is second nature to us when we juggle several things daily and ensure that everything gets done. Often our colleagues are unaware as to the insurmountable feats we overcome, but we’re true heroes in that we do what it takes to ensure our executives get stuff done and the whole show looks like magic!

Learn how to deal with your executive/s and ensure that they never have to ask you for anything twice. The tool you use to list tasks is a personal preference, but ensure that you find something that works for you, to ensure that you tick off tasks timeously. A happy executive means a happy working environment.

Along with owning your awesomeness comes the personal responsibility of never stagnating. With the world of Google at our fingertips and the option of free online training, we are able to constantly grow and be in charge of our destinies. Free typing tests ensure that we can type a gazillion words a minute. There are options of text tests and even fun games, all aimed at improving and testing your typing skills. My personal favourite text test can be found at here

I’ve been blessed to have access to LinkedIn learning and completed several courses over the past year, raising my IQ and EQ whenever possible. This is your life and you are solely responsible for reaching your utmost potential – never give this power to someone else. I encourage you to take charge of your destiny and wait for no-one to keep yourself relevant. Read blogs, listen to podcasts, do training and upskill yourself constantly.

Lastly, remember to remain professional, keep matters confidential and have your executive’s back – a trustworthy, loyal assistant is the best asset a boss can have.  Be proud of being the “right-hand man’ and (those of you who watch the series “Suits” will understand the terminology) tap into your inner-Donna every day!

We run this world and need to own our awesomeness.

Have a blessed week!


Love you do and do what you love – Ray Bradbury

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