OPSA is a SAQA recognised professional body for all administrative professionals in South Africa

Networking is a Two-Way Street

In the world of networking, your success as a receiver is directly proportional to your generosity as a giver.  Take a “me, me, me” approach to networking and you will be met with limited success.  Be generous with the information you share, and you will find people equally willing to […]

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Records Storage Systems

Last week we spoke all about File Integrity, confidentiality and security.  This week we look at the different record storage systems. (a)  Subject storage method The subject storage method is widely used in organisations.  Filing by subject requires that each record be read completely to determine the subject which can […]

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Files Integrity, Confidentiality and Security

Last week, we discussed the Life Cycle of the records in your office – this week we take a closer look into the Integrity and Confidentiality of those records, as well as how to keep those very same records secure. Verifying record authenticity The document must be the work of […]

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The records life cycle

Last week we spoke about the different kinds of Vital Records and explored the Disaster Recovery Programme.  This week we will be looking into the Records Life Cycle to understand a bit more about important records that are in your office. (a)  Creation of records Records are created daily and […]

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OPSA “Take The Flight” – The Journey Is Within You

By Roweena Chetty Everything I need is within me now. This one of the most Powerful realizations you will ever experience on the OPSA Take the Flight Journey to Self-Actualization. It’s not an “affirmation” it is a TRUTH. We don’t want things. We want feelings. Clever marketers “condition” the minds […]

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Fundamentals of Records Management

What is a record? A record consists of information created, received and maintained as evidence of business activities.  The records should correctly reflect what was communicated on or decided, or what action was taken.  The records should be able to support the needs of the business to which it relates […]

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Employer Expectations for the office professional

Employers expect all their employees to have the knowledge and skills they need to do their jobs.  They also expect employees to have interpersonal skills needed to work well with co-workers and customers. Organisations seek employees who are responsible and accountable for completing work assigned to them.  They want people […]

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Characteristics of Effective Correspondence

Certain characteristics of effective correspondence are common to letters, emails, memorandums and reports.  As you write, you must pay careful attention to each of the elements. Complete Correspondence is complete when it gives the reader all the information he or she needs to accomplish the results the writer intended.  To […]

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Developing your organisational skills

Last week we outlined the different kinds of business correspondence that you, as an office professional, will handle in your office.  To get your message across efficiently, you need to start developing your organisational skills. A large part of writing effectively is determining the readers’ needs, gathering the appropriate information, […]

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