How to increase your credibility and gain recognition

Do you feel that you have worked for most part of your life and got nothing to show for it? You go to work every day and learn new skills on the job, take on tasks over and above and no-one seems to notice.

Learning does not only happen at formal courses that we attend, learning happens every day from the moment we wake up till the time we go to sleep. Some of us even learn while sleeping; thinking of how we are going to do tasks or solve problems the next day!

How would you like to take all your learning, both formal and ‘informal’, complete a portfolio of evidence and earn yourself an OPSA professional designation? Be recognised for all the learning that you have accumulated over time? Prove to yourself and others, just how good you are.

Why would you want to do that?

  • Boost your confidence!
  • Be recognised by the professional association (that’s us, OPSA, SAQA ID 1027) for your industry in South Africa
  • Be a professional member of the Office Professionals of South Africa (OPSA)
  • Be registered on the SAQA National Learner Database
  • Be proud of who you are by displaying your designation behind your name
  • Looks good on your CV for your current or prospective employer (OPSA can verify your designation and that you are competent in the work you do)
  • Puts you a step above the rest!

How can you do this?

Join us at a Professional Designation Master Class from the 12-16 March 2018 in Greenstone Ridge to refresh your current skills and learn new ones. The investment for 5 days of learning is R9500.00 which includes your 2-year professional membership fee. During the Master Class you will be given the opportunity to complete your Portfolio of Evidence. (If you can’t make the Johannesburg one – we will be coming to Durban and Cape Town as well – keep tuned in to the OPSA network).

For more info: / / 012 430 2479

The Association for Office Professionals of South Africa is the SAQA recognised professional association for the secretarial and administrative industry. (SAQA ID 1027)

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