Records Management

10 students

Records management is much more than just putting a piece of paper in a filing cabinet or sending a document to a folder on your PC.  In an organisation it is important that proper record management policies and procedures are put in place and updated regularly.  The policies and procedures should form part of the induction programme for new employees.  The consequences of not having a proper records management system could cost an organisation in time and money.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify current problems with records management and how to prevent them  
  • Identify different formats of records and how to maintain them  
  • Analyse, classify and manage the life cycle of a record
  • Establish alphabetic, numeric and subject filing systems  
  • Develop procedures for records management using SANS 15489 as a guide  
  • Apply different methods to ensure the security of records and archives


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