Online Professional Designation Programme: Module 7

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Problem solving is one of the necessities of life.  We solve problems every day – while some problems are big, most are small and every now and then a life or death problem comes along!

Problem solving becomes like second nature – at times you do not even realise that you are using a method to solve a problem!  The human brain is wired to work as fast and efficiently as possible, which means it looks for short-cuts wherever possible.  When solving problems, we use problem solving methods (habits) that are most familiar to us. That does not mean it is the best or the most creative solution possible.

Problem-solving is an art, and as humans we can either do what we have always done, which means receiving the same results, or we can learn about the process of problem-solving and see it as a new habit, an attitude or a mind-set, rather than just a tool.

  • Why is problem solving important and how does it improve your life?
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  • Problem solving approaches
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  • Common barriers for problem solving
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  • Problem solving strategies
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  • Effective decision making
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  • Assignment
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