There is always time for some Self-Reflection

Excitement is gearing up as we are nearing the end of the year. Everyone is looking forward to the holiday season to spend time with their loved ones. Before we know it, it will be time to pen to paper to write down all the new-year resolutions for 2018.

Attending the Leave a Legacy OPSA conference, made me realized that I have to take the time to reflect on my own wellbeing. Too often we see to the needs of others, whether in our personal life or in the workplace, while neglecting ourselves in the process.



Many times I would ponder on mistakes that I have made in the past and or blaming others. I’ve learned that thinking about the past will not assist me in achieving my goals, instead it lets time pass by, however reflecting on my past mistakes allows me to use it as a guideline on how best to plan for my future goals.

Who said that we must wait for a certain time of the year to start planning and setting achievable goals for yourself. There is no better time than doing it right now, thus the time to reflect on yourself is now, the time to plan is now and the time to set short and long-term goals is now.

By taking care of your wellbeing you will be more productive, more enthusiastic and you will be able to look at life in a more positive way.

Happy self-reflection day all.

Hannah Kirkwood
National Office Professional of the Year 2016

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