OPSA is a SAQA recognised professional body for all administrative professionals in South Africa

Who can be nominated?

To be considered for an OPSA National Administrative Excellence Award, nominees must currently serve in an administrative role. Administrative professionals include, but are not limited to, administrative support staff, executive assistants, office/facility managers, office clerks, receptionists etc. It must be made clear that the titles do not necessarily need to have the words administration or admin in the title e.g. office manager, team assistant, legal secretary etc.

Who can nominate?

Managers, supervisors, suppliers, and clients are all encouraged to participate in the nominations process. If they have experienced the exceptional work and invaluable contributions of an administrative professional, they can show their appreciation and acknowledge the outstanding performance by nominating them for an OPSA Administrative Excellence Award. A telephonic call will be made to the nominator to verify the nomination

Find more about OPSA's Award Categories:

Demonstrates his or her commitment to the company’s strategy and financial success by implementing processes and procedures that promote effectiveness and efficiency.

Demonstrates his or her commitment to the Batho Pele principle through consistently implementing and modelling the principles in his or her department.

Demonstrates his or her understanding and need for resourcefulness and innovation by being resourceful and achieving outputs and impact with limited resources.

This award will recognise someone who is new to the administrative industry yet have demonstrated outstanding support services and continued enthusiasm towards their role and have a commitment to personal and professional development. Nominees must have less than three years’ experience in an administrative role.

The mentorship award recognises the administrative professional that serves as a mentor to other administrative professionals and is passionate about helping their colleagues succeed and reach their goals.

An administrative professional that has been involved in an administrative role in a project that has had a positive impact within the past 2 years and who displays excellent communication skills with the project team and stakeholders, time management and organisational skills.


  • Innovative and creative, leading to new and/or improved program processes
  • Collaborative and resourceful in the workplace
  • Active contributors to the success of their team
  • Delivers administrative excellence within their organisation
  • Willing to go the extra mile in delivering an exceptional customer experience
  • Makes significant contributions to the success of their organisation/department
  • Collaborates successfully with colleagues, community members and business networks
  • Consistently suggests new processes that are more efficient and effective, significantly impacting the productivity in the workplace
  • Makes a positive first impression
  • Serves internal and external customers with professionalism, enthusiasm, and care
  • Committed to personal and professional development – formal courses and/or self-taught


To participate in the OPSA National Administrative Excellence Awards, it must be noted that:

  • Nominees must be legally employed in South Africa in an administrative role.
  • Nominees must be informed of, and consent to the nomination.
  • Shortlisted candidates must be available to participate in an interview with a panel of judges – either in person in Johannesburg or via Skype or Video Conferencing.
  • The judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Applications and documentation for short listed nominees is accessible only by the organisers and independent judging panel, and will be destroyed after the conclusion of the Awards.
  • Names and addresses will be retained to form a database for promotional purposes of the organisation and sponsors.
  • Finalists must be present at the awards ceremony in Johannesburg on 22 April 2020. (Date postponed due to COVID-19)
  • Finalists are responsible for travel and accommodation costs to attend panel interviews (if not done online) and awards ceremony.
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