A Gift of Learning – Registration Form

I understand that if my application is accepted, I will have access to the Professional Designation Online Masterclass for a period of 3 months from the date of access.  If I want to achieve a professional designation, I am to complete the assignments for each module and build a Portfolio of Evidence.  I will submit the Portfolio of Evidence for assessment together with a certified copy of my ID, highest qualification, and short CV.  When I am found competent, I will receive professional membership.  The annual professional membership fees of R700.00 (due at the end of 2022) will apply thereafter.

If I do not complete the Portfolio of Evidence, I will receive a certificate from each module that I do during the programme and remain an Associate Member of OPSA in 2022!

A Gift of Learning - application form
Would you like to receive correspondence from OPSA in the future?
I have read and understand the application form and the information submitted is correct.


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