10 Questions and a Selfie: Jenni Van De Venter

Jenni Van De VenterWhat is your full name?

Jennifer Van De Venter

What is your professional job title?

Executive Personal Assistant

Tell us more about yourself and the role you fulfil at your company.

I am an energetic, outgoing lady with loads of personality.  I look after three Stratco Members and one non exec member varying from Financial, IT and Risk divisions.  I also look after the back end of our travel system with 47 travel bookers.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

Out of the office I go to gym first thing in the morning in order to balance my life a bit because once I reach the office it becomes chaos.  I have meetings to set up, Planning to do, workshops to run, ensure that catering is done and many Managers to take care off.

Finish this sentence: The ideal way to start my day is …

With Gym and a cup of coffee

What are the most important tools, programs and systems you use for your work?

Most definitely Microsoft

What are your favourite apps and why?

  • Pinterest because after a busy day it gets my creative energy going
  • Whatsapp to keep connected in both my work and office life
  • Linkedin to keep me connected to the business world

How do you deal with conflicts or problems in the office?

We are faced with problems every day especially with travel.  I face it head on and tackle the problem in order to solve it as quick as possible.

Do you have some advice for aspiring Office Professionals?

Hang in there, keep your head up and know tomorrow will get better.

Finish this sentence: My favourite thing about being an Office Professional is …

Dealing with different types of personalities.

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