OPSA is a SAQA recognised professional body for all administrative professionals in South Africa


Make 2018 your year - your destination

OPSA is looking for career minded administrative professionals, like you, who want to improve their skills to join the OPSA Take Flight Loyalty programme.  By attending training through OPSA in 2018, you can learn new skills, hear about the latest news in your industry and see your skills go from strength to strength.

Platinum Lounge: Administrative Professional Week and Awards

25 April 2018: Johannesburg

Gold Lounge: Secretary's day celebration

5 September 2018: Johannesburg

Economy Class Ticket: Half Day Training

24 January 2018: Clean out your inbox
14 February 2018: Emotional Intelligence
7 March 2018: Business Writing and Producing Professional documents in MS Word
9 May 2018: Assertiveness, Conflict Resolution and Dealing with Difficult People 
6 June 2018: Time Management and Organising with MS Outlook 
4 July 2018: Coordinating Projects using MS Excel 
8 August 2018: Moving from Nice Girl to Successful Woman 
7 September 2018: You want me to do what? Workplace Ethics 
3 October 2018: Personal Branding and Social Media

Premium Class Ticket: 2 and 3 day training 

21-23 February 2018: Public Administration Course
11-12 April 2018: Meeting and Minute Taking
16 - 17 May 2018: Professional Business Writing
28-29 June 2018: Business Etiquette and Protocol
15 - 16 August 2018: Records Management
20 - 21 September 2018: Strategic Career Planning
18-19 October 2018: High Performing Teams

Business Class Ticket: OPSA Take Flight Conference

26 - 27 February 2018: OPSA's Take Flight Conference - Bloemfontein
21-22 June 2018: OPSA's Take Flight Conference - Durban
11 - 12 October 2018: OPSA's Take Flight Conference - Johannesburg

29-30 November 2018: OPSA's Take Flight Conference - Cape Town

First Class Ticket: 5 day Professional Designation Masterclass

11-15 June 2018: Prof Designation Master Class - Durban
13 - 17 August 2018: Prof Designation Master Class - Johannesburg
10 - 14 September 2018: Prof Designation Master Class - Cape Town

How the points work:

For each event you will earn points

If you have basic membership – the points can be accumulated and used as follows:
When you have collected

  • 5-10 points you get a 15% discount on the next event
  • 10-15 points you get a 25% discount on your next event
  • 15 points + you get a 50% discount on the next event

If you have professional membership – the points will convert to CPD points which will go towards your recertification and you get the discounts

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