OPSA is a SAQA recognised professional body for all administrative professionals in South Africa

Terrific Tuesday Newsletter

Terrific Tuesday

A weekly newsletter that gives all office professionals the ongoing support they need to improve their skills and perform at their best in the workplace. Each week we help office professionals improve their working relationships, polish their grammar, improve their communication skills, expand their knowledge of office technology and online resources and develop new expertise in administrative management.

In order to receive the newsletter, you need to be a member of OPSA.  Click here to become a member.  Membership if Free!

Terrific Tuesday is the most widely read e-publication for office professionals in South Africa. It strives to be an informative, inspirational platform for office professionals with top class content which draws on international best practice, but is adapted to meet the needs of our South African readers.

With 20 000 weekly readers, drawn from the private and public sector, and situated in major centres throughout South Africa, Terrific Tuesday is well placed to assist advertisers effectively target communications to this valuable market.

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