OPSA is a SAQA recognised professional body for all administrative professionals in South Africa

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Membership is open to office assistants and professionals from a wide variety of roles and titles.  OPSA assists members in the continuing development of administrative skills and professional growth resulting in increased employment opportunities and advancement in the workplace.


An honorary member shall be a person who, by virtue of his special contribution to the administration field in Southern Africa has been invited by the executive committee to become an honorary member and has accepted the invitation.


A professional member is a member who holds a professional designation awarded by OPSA.


An ordinary member shall be a person who works in the administrative profession.

Member at Large

A member at large shall be a person who works in the administrative profession outside of South Africa.


A candidate member shall be a person who is currently studying in the administration field.

Institutional members

Institutional members are associations, bodies, firms and companies involved in uplifting the administrative industry through continuing education and sponsoring OPSA. This includes:

  • professional administrative bodies or associations
  • companies supporting and promoting excellence in the administrative industry through sponsoring relevant learning opportunities
  • training and education providers in the administration subject fields

An institution as described above, may apply for membership of OPSA and for one seat and vote on the executive committee. The sponsorship will be determined to the mutual satisfaction of both OPSA, represented by the executive committee or the management committee, and the institution applying.

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